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A rich set of new platform capabilities enable companies to build better software faster and without code, while enabling further support for a codeless architecture approach

NEW YORK, April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Unqorkthe leading enterprise no-code platform, today announced its Spring 2022 platform update, the first major platform update of 2022. The new platform features deepen the existing benefits for developers building on Unqork while supporting Codeless Architecture, an open standard approach to software development that enables companies to build and run applications without ever having to think about the underlying code.

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Organizations that continue to transform are often forced to choose between temporarily slowing down or even stopping some portion of day-to-day operations while they modernize applications, or carry on as usual until applications reach end of life and need to be addressed. Codeless Architecture frees organizations from this choice, allowing them to build new applications compatible with their existing technologies, be it legacy code, including low-code or isolated tools. This modernization approach enables companies to develop new software and exploit the full potential of their existing applications – all without generating or seeing a single line of code.

With a codeless architecture, companies can:

  • Take a best-of-breed approach to innovation with a single source of truth for customer IP that is transparent and portable.

  • Build an integrated ecosystem for the technology providers of their choice by standardizing different applications.

  • Orchestrate complex business processes by automating deep workflows and managing complex routing logic.

  • Deliver digital brand experiences at scale for a seamless user experience.

The codeless architecture approach grew out of Unqork’s no-code platform and the ability for customers to build mission-critical, complex applications without having to write code. With more customers adopting a no-code approach, Unqork has introduced a number of new updates to the platform that make it easier than ever for users to build complex applications using a robust set of no-code components.

Unqork Spring 2022 platform updates include:

  • an improved one grid system that enables users to access, visualize, and interact with their data at scale. The intuitive configuration experience allows customers to create dynamic, unified, and free-form grids from scratch, giving them the power to quickly analyze data, tweak style and design flexibility, and create bespoke layouts for data exploration at scale. The grid system supports a variety of use cases such as business logic and validation, simple or complex data entry, dashboards and data exploration.

  • The new company view provides users with a comprehensive overview of their Unqork environment. A set of dashboards provides users with a holistic view of the health, progress, and risk points of each application they build, helping users monitor development progress and identify and fix vulnerabilities. Entirely built on Unqork’s no-code platform, Enterprise View makes it easy for everyone in the enterprise – both technical and non-technical – to understand the state of their environment and the overall efficiency of the development process, thus ensuring that higher quality applications are delivered to the Consumer.

Extension of the first no-code marketplace

Along with the platform updates, Unqork has released new offerings on the Unqork Marketplace that increase developer productivity and support a no-code environment, including:

  • A Google translator Integration that users can easily configure, giving Unqork-based apps the ability to use Google Translate to convert text from one language to another. (show list)

  • A Webhook API snippet to help Unqork users speed up the configuration of a standardized webhook in Unqork, ultimately saving users an average of 5 hours building applications. This snippet was created in record time – less than two weeks – in response to user interest in this feature. (show list)

  • A “For loop” snippet This allows a user to perform a looping action over a large data set. This snippet helps users save hours building applications for use cases like validating addresses or updating multiple submissions at once compared to traditional code. It has quickly become #1 on the marketplace. (show list)

“As a former Fortune 50 CIO, I know that business leaders want technology that just works for their business, but the reality they face is far more chaotic — multiple tabs, multiple tools, disconnected data, and a Jungle of legacy code resulting in lousy customer and employee experience,” said Gary Hoberman, CEO and Founder, Unqork. “Codeless Architecture enables Unqork’s customers to modernize their business without disrupting it, giving this existing legacy chaos a single, clean, and modern interface, while allowing them to build new applications faster and at a lower cost than using code to drive their business. All of these features support our mission to provide our customers with a better way to build and manage software without code.”

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About Unqork

Unqork’s no-code enterprise platform helps leading companies build, deploy, and manage complex software without worrying about code. Unqork created the codeless architecture standard – the future of software development, freeing the world’s largest companies from the pitfalls of legacy code and allowing them to focus on innovation to drive business and maintain a competitive advantage. More than a third of Unqork’s corporate clients are among the Fortune 500, with a client list that includes Goldman Sachs, Marsh, Maimonides Medical Center and the US Department of Health and Human Services. To learn more, please visit: https://www.unqork.com.



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