The Recorder – North County Notebook: April 14, 2022 – Natural Self Esteem

Published: 04/14/2022 16:36:14

Modified: 04/14/2022 16:35:05

Selectboard releases excess property

NORTHFIELD — The Selectboard voted last week to declare a collection of Highway Department equipment as surplus property.

Voting was for a Viking 12-foot snow plow, a 2012 International dump truck with plows and a grinder, a 1998 Johnson sweeper, a 10-foot snow shovel, a 9-foot Sweepster sweeper, four front tires and rims for one 2000s International and a Haulmark trailer.

Selectboard changes bereavement policy

NORTHFIELD — The Selectboard voted last week to change the grief policy for city employees. The policy now states that employees are granted up to five days of paid leave.

Previously, the policy provided for different holiday amounts depending on the relationship.

“I think our bereavement policy should only be five days,” suggested Heath Cummings, chair of the selection committee. “Losses are important”

In special circumstances, the employee can request additional leave.

City is working on email addresses for forums

NORTHFIELD — City Manager Andrea Llamas told the Selectboard last week that the city is slowly making sure that all boards and committees have a city email account instead of using personal email addresses.

Llamas noted that when she took the job at Northfield, there were no city board e-mail accounts.

“The reason for getting the city to do this is because we archive it, and then when people change, whether it’s the clerk or the chairman who’s managing that email, it goes away, it doesn’t matter,” explained Llamas. “We still have the history and archive of her emails, forever.”

Llamas presented the Selectboard with a policy on computer, e-mail and Internet use that will be included on the agenda for discussion at a future meeting.

Selectboard approves cannabis delivery

LEYDEN – The Selectboard on Monday approved a request from INSA Craft Cannabis Dispensary in Easthampton to deliver cannabis orders in Leyden between 8am and 9pm

Board of Health seeks answers on aerial spraying

LEYDEN — Health Board Member Beth Kuzdeba briefed the Selectboard Monday on the city’s options for aerial spraying of mosquitoes this year.

Kuzdeba said she is awaiting confirmation on whether Leyden would be financially responsible for the aerial spraying needed in response to cases of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) if the city decides to stop spraying for the year.

The health department will create a mosquito contingency plan that could include its affiliation with the Pioneer Valley Mosquito Control District, which tests and tracks mosquitoes in the area.

Individuals may apply to have their property barred from aerial spraying through an online form provided by the State Department of Agricultural Resources at Spraying would not start until August or September.

Senior center asks for the return of sand buckets

NORTHFIELD — The Northfield Senior Center is asking seniors who have borrowed sand buckets for free in the past three years to return them.

“In order for this program to continue, our sand bucket volunteer needs to have the buckets back in preparation for next winter,” Senior Center Director Colleen Letourneau said in an emailed statement. “Apparently many of the buckets were not returned and it is difficult to find a bucket of this size. Please try to find the bucket and bring it to the senior center for reuse next year.”

College announces first commencement speaker

NORTHFIELD – The Most Rev. Robert Joseph McManus has been named the graduation speaker for the class of 2022 at Thomas Aquinas College. The May 21 ceremony marks the first commencement on the college’s New England campus.

McManus is Bishop of the Diocese of Worcester. Ordained a priest for the Diocese of Providence in 1978, McManus holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Catholic University of America, a master’s degree in theology from the Toronto School of Theology, and a licentiate and doctorate in sacred theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. According to a Thomas Aquinas College press release, Pope John Paul II appointed McManus auxiliary bishop of Providence in 1998 and fifth bishop of Worcester in 2004.

“I am very excited to return to Thomas Aquinas College to deliver the commencement address,” said McManus, who served as the 2020 Northfield campus assembly speaker and will also serve as the principal celebrant and preacher at the graduation mass. “I’m quite impressed with the intellectual life of the college, which is obviously a community of teachers and students dedicated to the pursuit of all that is true, good, and beautiful. Thomas Aquinas College has made a clear commitment to being an academic institution that is authentically Catholic in mission and identity.”

Three years ago, Thomas Aquinas College opened its New England campus in Northfield with a new class of freshmen and a class of sophomores who moved from the school’s first campus in Santa Paula, California. The Class of 2022 is the first to graduate from the Northfield campus.

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