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2022 Offshoring of data entry teams for business processes

Telegenisys announces the 2022 Business Process Offshoring Data Entry Teams brochure

FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA, Jan. 21, 2022 / — Telegenisys is pleased to announce the release of its 2022 Business Process Offshoring Data Entry Teams brochure. The company has been providing enterprise data entry services for over a decade and has seen firsthand how outsourcing can help organizations achieve their goals. In times of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever for businesses to get their data entry right.

Telegenisys views the outsourcing industry in a particularly positive light right now, as many companies seek to focus on areas they do best while outsourcing non-core processes and functions to specialists at lower cost elsewhere can be executed. Data entry is one of those critical skills – it not only requires speed and accuracy, but also a deep understanding of the data being entered.

The COVID19 pandemic has resulted in many innovations in team coordination and process management that Telegenisys is keen to share with its customers. The company’s offshore data entry teams are well-equipped to tackle any task, from simple data entry to complex processes that require a high level of coordination.

The brochure begins with an overview of evolving trends during the COVID-19 pandemic and global service delivery to leverage digital transformation. It also provides an overview of how the global service delivery model fits with emerging trends in outsourcing.

The brochure also describes the global shared services framework and its strategies that result in productivity gains and cost reductions, and how data entry outsourcing for core business functions works to gain competitive advantage.

It also covers various aspects of offshore data entry such as skills, process management, project management, quality and security.

Overall, the brochure is essential reading for any business looking to outsource its data entry to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

“We are pleased to have published our 2022 Business Process Offshoring Data Entry Teams brochure. This is the first step in a series of initiatives designed to help companies understand what outsourcing can do for them and how it can potentially benefit them,” said Rakesh Medhekar, director of operations at Telegenisys Inc.

Telegenisys is well positioned to help businesses thrive in the years to come. With more than two decades of experience in data entry and process management, the company is equipped for any task that arises. The 2022 Business Process Offshoring Data Entry Teams brochure can be requested here:

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