Save Mart donations make a difference at Western Nevada College – Natural Self Esteem

Save Mart was an important and valued community partner for Western Nevada College during the 2021-22 school year.
The supermarket chain has helped ensure the welfare of WNC students and staff through several generous donations.
Donations included a $10,000 grant from the Save Mart CARES Foundation to the Wildcat Reserve, the WNC’s pantry and sanitation chamber, which was created to address student food insecurity, an issue identified in the Student Success Survey identified for a significant portion of the college’s student body.
Chris Benson, who runs the Save Mart store at 3620 N. Carson St., is happy that Save Mart can make a difference at WNC, where he was once a student.
“We love working with the community and helping students at WNC who are a little less fortunate, and this meal helps them go a long way, especially during these trying times,” Benson said. “I’ve had the opportunity to study here and it’s just a great school with the services they provide to the students. I want to encourage every student not to be shy or timid and to use the services that are available to them.”
Located in Room 108 in the WNC’s Joe Dini Building on the Carson City campus, the Wildcat Reserve offers students a wide variety of nonperishable foods and hygiene products. Thanks to donations from Save Mart and other college community partners, the Wildcat Reserve has expanded its food offerings for students, including frozen foods and dairy.
In addition to the $10,000 pantry donation, Save Mart has provided $400 gift cards toward additional pantry purchases.
Additionally, a donation from Save Mart earlier this year equipped students and staff with better protection against COVID. The thoughtful and timely gift of 29 cases of hand sanitizer enabled WNC, students and staff to its Carson City and Fallon campuses, including the Department of Liberal Arts, Child Development Center, Foundation, Wildcat Reserve, Nursing and Allied Health, Professional , to continue to protect and applied technology and faculty members as COVID cases surged across the country.
For information about Wildcat Reserve or to schedule a pantry order, call 775-445-3218 or email

WNC welcomes chemistry teachers
Western Nevada College has Dr. Christian Copley Salem as the new tenure-track chemistry teacher.
Copley Salem began teaching at WNC in the 2021-22 school year as an emergency appointment.
He earned all of his academic degrees within the Nevada System of Higher Education: his Associate of Science degree from Truckee Meadows Community College in 2008, a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2011, and a Ph. D in Pharmacology from the UNR in 2019.
Copley Salem has been teaching online and face-to-face chemistry classes during the Spring 2022 semester and is enjoying the aha moments that students experience as they learn.
“What I love about teaching is that moment of interaction where someone who was once confused is now confident… where you’ve translated the power of our collective past into energy in the present,” he said. “Standing in the eternal moment between past and future and serving as a conduit for that transition is what I REALLY love about teaching.”
Copley Salem is also enjoying the role teachers will play in the future.
“From pre-industrial man sitting around the campfire and telling stories to the present day, teachers have always been responsible for passing on humanity’s collective knowledge,” Copley Salem said. “This is an intimate process that requires building confidence and empowering students to move forward with confidence.”

Christian Copley Salem

Start registering for the 2022 summer and fall courses
It’s not too early to start preparing for your next semester or session at Western Nevada College.
Registration for the summer and fall courses for continuing and returning students is ongoing.
New students can register for Summer and Fall courses starting Monday, April 11th.
For information on planning your summer and fall schedules at WNC, see the online class schedules at
Students can enroll using their personal WNC accounts. First-time WNC attendees may apply for admission at
The summer session starts on Monday June 13th and ends on Saturday August 6th. The fall semester begins on Monday, August 29th.
For information about becoming a student at WNC, call 775-445-3277.
WNC announces student worker of the year nominations
The following students were nominated for the 2021-22 Western Nevada College Student Employee of the Year Award:
• Angelica Ramirez – Disability Support Services
• April (Elena) Reyes – Latino action
• Lesly Sanchez – Financial Aid Office
Annually, student workers play key roles on the WNC campus and are dedicated to supporting students and visitors. They contributed even more to their departments in 2021-22 as there are fewer student workers on the WNC campus.
“We have about 45 percent of the student workforce compared to 2019,” said Temple Campana, scholarship and student employment coordinator. “Student staff is critical in a small college and efforts are being made to hopefully bring student employment back to pre-pandemic levels.”
WNC supports its student workforce in a unique way, not only by relying on federal funds to maintain wages, but also by providing additional state and institutional dollars to help meet student wages.
Student Worker of the Year will be announced on Monday April 11th and all student workers will be celebrated by the College during the week of April 11-15.
Award ceremony of the student representatives on 28
The Associated Students of Western Nevada will recognize outstanding students, faculty and staff during their annual awards and recognition ceremony April 28 at Carson Nugget Hall in the Aspen Building.
“Each year we dedicate just a few hours to recognize outstanding students in the areas of academics, service and leadership,” said Heather Rikalo, Student Life Coordinator and ASWN Advisor. “We celebrate the best of WNC with family and friends and help close our year with genuine joy and celebration for these students.”
The 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. reception gives the student government an opportunity to present awards to students in a variety of academic fields, including professional and applied technology, jump starters, liberal arts and nursing. The “Student of the Year” and “Outstanding Student Leadership” awards are also presented. Regents honorees Rebecca Bevans and Ki’Hana Garcia are recognized.
Advisor of the Year, Academic Faculty of the Year, and Adjunct Faculty of the Year awards are announced for their contributions to students.
In addition, ASWN will present awards for club of the year and for services to the college.

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