Research Assistant – EDIFY WS3 job with KINGS COLLEGE LONDON – Natural Self Esteem

job description

We are looking for a highly motivated and qualified Research Associate for Workstream 3 (see details below) from the UKRI funded EDIFY consortium (EDIFY = Eating Disorders: Delineating Illness And Recovery Trajectories To Inform Personalized Prevention And Early Intervention) . This is a temporary full-time position (36 months). The post holder will work with Professor Ulrike Schmidt in the Eating Disorders Group at King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience. You will also work closely with Professor Richard Dobson and Dr. Amos Folarin and her team work together.

EDIFY consists of six integrated workstreams (WSs). WS3 (Recovery) will assess the recovery trajectories of a clinical cohort of young people with eating disorders, using a new remote monitoring system to collect real-time data over a year from activity monitors and smartphones. This includes collecting data directly from the devices (passive monitoring) alongside questionnaires and cognitive tasks (active monitoring) to understand how symptoms change in response to daily stressors. The post holder will (along with another researcher) be involved in recruitment and data collection for WS3. You will work very closely with the researchers in WS 4 (disease stages). Through WS 3 and 4, we aim to recruit 600 young people who are either at various stages of their eating disorder (n=480) or are healthy controls (n=120). Baseline and follow-up assessments focus on creating a detailed biopsychosocial profile of the participants using interviews, questionnaires, and neurocognitive measures. The job holder must approve participants, introduce devices (smartphones and wearables) used for remote monitoring, conduct baseline and follow-up assessments, and provide support to participants throughout their 12-month study period. The incumbent will also support other aspects of the day-to-day running of the study, including database administration, writing newsletters, and attending meetings.

The incumbent will report to Prof. Schmidt, but will also collaborate with other EDIFY scientists, research staff and students. Good time management, attention to detail, communication skills and organization are essential. The successful candidate will have excellent quantitative skills/knowledge. This position will be based in the Department of Eating Disorders, Department of Psychological Medicine on the Denmark Hill campus (Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience). Enthusiasm for science and for working with young people is essential. The EDIFY team strives to be a diverse research environment that is open and welcoming to all.

This position is offered for a limited period of 36 months.

This is a full-time position – 100% full-time equivalent

main responsibilities

• Management of many of the day-to-day operations of the Workstream 4 project

• Recruitment of participants

• Conduct baseline and follow-up assessments, including obtaining consent, conducting psychiatric interviews and cognitive assessments,

• Manage data collection, including support for participants throughout their 12-month participation

• Data entry and database management

• Providing research support to Professor Schmidt and her team

The above list of responsibilities may not be exhaustive and the job holder will be required to assume those duties and responsibilities that can reasonably be expected given the scope and grading of the job.

skills, knowledge and experience

Essential Criteria

  1. Minimum 2:1 degree in Psychology
  2. Knowledge of the biopsychosocial basis of eating disorders
  3. Excellent written and oral communication skills
  4. Understanding of confidentiality of data and research methods
  5. Excellent computer and statistical skills
  6. Experience working with databases (Microsoft Access, Excel)
  7. Relevant research experience, eg conducting quantitative and qualitative research
  8. Experience in writing reports/papers
  9. Good attention to detail and high standards of accuracy in all aspects of the job
  10. Ability to work independently and in a multidisciplinary team

Desirable Criteria

1. Can use statistics packages like SPSS, Stata, R

2. Experience in recruiting participants

3. Experience with data collection (e.g. conducting psychiatric interviews and conducting cognitive assessments)

4. Publications in peer-reviewed journals

5. Experience working with people with an eating disorder

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