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Following College Park’s successful launch in Fall 2021, Tulsa Community College and Oklahoma State University-Tulsa are adding a second academic program. From autumn 2022, College Park will offer psychology as a major in addition to business. Also, the College Park Business Track is adding scholarship opportunities funded by private donors.

College Park, a new educational model for Tulsa, is a collaboration between the two institutions to offer a four-year experience at a public university that will benefit individuals who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree and remain in Tulsa. It offers a structured course schedule and a unique learning format.

“This innovative program is unlike any other option in Tulsa. By working together, each institution brings our strengths to bear for the benefit of students and our community,” said Leigh Goodson, Ph.D., President and CEO of TCC. “For TCC, it’s all about providing access to college as we respond to employers by offering degree programs tailored to the needs of our region’s economy.”

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College Park classes are taught on the OSU-Tulsa campus, beginning with TCC faculty for freshman and sophomore courses and then OSU-Tulsa faculty for junior and senior-level classes. The program leverages existing infrastructure and leverages student support and resources from two institutions. Additionally, the course schedule provides a streamlined path to a select bachelor’s degree at OSU-Tulsa while maintaining a consistent class schedule for the first two years to help students plan their lives and family commitments around school before switching to an individual plan.

A direct response to the demand for an affordable, public four-year higher education option, College Park combines TCC’s nationally recognized first-year experience with OSU-Tulsa’s role as a public, metropolitan, urban research university.

“We have seen high demand for psychology as a major at College Park,” said Johnny Stephens, Ph.D., interim president of OSU-Tulsa and president of the OSU Center for Health Sciences. “Psychology provides the interpersonal and critical thinking skills valued by employers across a wide range of industries and also serves as an ideal undergraduate degree.”

Students begin College Park business or psychology courses with a cohort or group of students for the undergraduate and graduate courses leading to an associate degree. Students also have access to shared student services, including early counseling, career counseling, and wellness, as well as research facilities and specialized faculties.

“Through the cohort experience, students create a peer support network. This, coupled with support from two institutions, resulted in College Park students having higher midterm GPAs than non-College Park students entering business majors for the first time,” Goodson said.

College Park is also being strengthened with expanded financial support for students. The Ronald and Myra Jeffris College Park Scholarship Fund will award scholarships to College Park business students through the TCC Foundation beginning Fall 2022. These scholarships are renewable and follow the College Park student through the completion of their bachelor’s degree. In addition, the Tulsa Achieves Scholarship pays tuition and fees for eligible students for their first 60 hours or associate degree. In addition, OSU-Tulsa has committed to funding scholarships to cover the cost of junior and senior years for College Park students.

Applications for autumn 2022 are possible. Visit for more information.

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