Letters to the editor for Wednesday March 16, 2022 – Natural Self Esteem

Sturmladengesetz impractical for seniors

I participated in the meeting of the city council of Cape Coral on 9 March. I listened and spoke in terms of storm shutters. The majority who spoke were snowbirds with their worries. I spoke on behalf of the seniors. I am disabled, use a walker, widow and senior. I start raising my shutters early when a storm hits and leave some of them open for the rest of the season. With the new regulation they’re talking about, they have to be set up and taken down for every storm. According to District 6 councilman Keith Long, “You just pay someone you pay to have your lawn cut.” of social security. For Mr. Long it is very easy to say, just pay someone. If you have to pay to set them up and take them down multiple times, it gets expensive. Then you have the problem if you even find someone who makes the work. As for people who don’t like the look of shutters, we have piles of trash that aren’t picked up by Waste Pro, trash cans that are left out all week, and tall weeds and grass that are uncut and boats that are in vacant lots Driveways are parked. Code enforcement doesn’t even enforce all of these regulations, so why add another? Please let me decide when I want to set up and take down my shutters.

Helene Okerstrom, Cape Coral

This time there’s a reason to fight

I’m a USMC veteran from Vietnam, also a second-generation American of Ukrainian descent. My father was a veteran of the US Navy in World War II in the South Pacific. The Last Good War. To this day I don’t know why I was in Nam, why we were in Panama, Grenada, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait. Aside from a brave president wanting to show how “tough” he was, they were all draft evaders. Now we have the chance to fight for someone for a reason. Let’s rock!

John Moletzsky, Cape Coral

Nuclear Mystery

The thought of the use of nuclear weapons has been held in bridle since 1945. That has changed to threats in 2022 with the philosophy of detente, aka a truce, or deterrence, aka restraint. Now one member of the detente can use intimidation to get their way, knowing that the other member will back down or it would be the end of the world. How sad.

John Piccolo, Estero

Altered Republican Party loyalties

What would you do if your former sane boss retired or was fired and replaced with someone who would change the requirements of your job, require you to do or ignore things that are unethical or illegal, and everyone’s jobs threatened who does this? Don’t you agree to their demands? Would you stay or look for another job? It might be difficult when you’ve spent most of your working life working for the same company that you thought was the best in the business. You may feel loyal to the company even though it’s not the same anymore, and you may want to try to stay until you retire and find ways to excuse or justify what happened to the leadership of the company. I understand why so many people have decided they can no longer be a part of the Republican Party, and I also understand why so many people have remained loyal to the Republican Party, even when it has completely changed in leadership, philosophy, and goals . It’s hard to see and accept that you can no longer be a loyal Republican without giving up your own true values ​​and identity, it’s so much easier to just look to the past and pretend the Republican Party has always been still reasonable. But many people have gradually recognized the changes in the party and acted accordingly.

Linda Rodriguez, Fort Myers

Journalism scholarships for local students

Local students have received $96,000 in scholarships from the Press Club of Southwest Florida since 2007. Here’s what some students said about these scholarships:

“Give me the trust that people believed to me.”

“Given me a chance to seek a career in journalism.”

“To have a mentor was the biggest thing you could take.”

“I am grateful for the networking possibilities in the Press Club.”

“Was a springboard for my career.”

“Gave me a much needed boost towards my career in television.”

“This means that the press club has believed me year after year.”

“In the course of my newspaper career, I am now a member of the Press Club.”

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