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Two regional colleges have benefited from more than $2.5 million in federal grants to continue their efforts to create new opportunities in a variety of academic disciplines.

Lakeland Community College recently received $574,000 from the Ohio Department of Higher Education’s Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program to fund students in multiple health technology majors.

While officials noted that the college’s original application was $504,000, the ODHE issued an invitation to increase the award by 14 percent to bring the total to $574,000.

In accepting the additional funding, Lakeland agreed to match the award dollar for dollar through private philanthropic support made possible by the Lakeland Foundation. The support combined with the award brings the total grant opportunity to almost $1.2 million.

“We are grateful that the ODHE not only approved our request for funding, but added an additional $70,000 to our request,” said Morris W. Beverage Jr., President of Lakeland Help More (Health Technology) Students, Successfully be and graduate.”

The award letter also recognized Lakeland’s commitment to increasing the number of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math, and medicine) graduates in Ohio, the school acknowledged.

Ohio is facing a shortage of health workers, according to the department, and the grants are intended to graduate additional health care providers in high-demand careers.

Lakeland majors eligible for the grants include Nursing, Biotechnology, Occupational and Physical Therapist Assistants, Respiratory Therapists, Medical Laboratory Technology, Histotechnology, Radiological Technology, and Health Information Management Technology.

“The Lakeland Foundation is pleased to participate in this initiative with the state to collectively provide more than $1 million in scholarships for health technology students over the next five years,” said Executive Director Greg Sanders, who also serves as Vice President for institutional development functions.

“We could not have done this without the support of our generous donor community, and we thank them for their continued financial support and trust in not only Lakeland’s academic program, but also in the Lakeland Foundation’s management of funding.”

New students beginning their first semester of one of the designated programs can apply for the scholarships, officials noted.

Students interested in starting Lakeland in Summer or Fall 2022 can apply now at

Visit for more detailed information on how to apply for the scholarship award.

Registration for the fall semester 2022, which starts on August 27, is open.

Contact Jessica Salas Novak at for more information.

Lake Erie College

ODHE also announced that Lake Erie College has received a $1.5 million Choose Ohio First grant to support underrepresented students in the critical areas of STEM, including women and students of color.

The school receives its first-ever Choose Ohio First award as part of its efforts to “recruit talented students and retain them as employees in Ohio…”.

Lake Erie College received the highest possible grant under the program.

Choose Ohio First began in 2008 with the goal of increasing the number of Ohio residents pursuing STEM majors at Ohio’s public and private colleges and universities, “engines of the vitality of the state’s workforce … fueling the economic growth of every region in the state.” advance. ”

Additionally, certain Choose Ohio First programs are “integrated into the regional economy, meet statewide educational needs, and facilitate the cost-effective completion of high school diplomas…”.

Lake Erie’s Johnathan Tedesco, Dean of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, said the program will make a positive contribution to making STEM careers in Northeast Ohio accessible, diverse and desirable.

“Choose Ohio First continues to grow as schools like Lake Erie College see the benefits of preparing students who remain in Ohio to continue their education for success in promising STEM careers,” added ODHE Chancellor Randy Gardner.

In the next five years, too, the funds will be used exclusively to finance scholarships. In addition to receiving scholarships, students who enroll in the program are eligible for reserved places in various medical programs.

“We always strive to minimize the financial burden on our Choose Ohio First grantees,” said Tedesco. “I would never want a student to shy away from such opportunities due to financial barriers.”

Lake Erie President Brian Posler added, “This is an exciting day for Lake Erie College. I am so incredibly proud of the faculty members who worked so hard to make this possible, and I am grateful to the Ohio Department of Education for giving us the opportunity to attract more qualified STEM students to the college.”

With the new scholarship, Lake Erie plans to continue building on current STEM programs, including biology, chemistry, and environmental sciences.

In addition, scholars will participate in journal clubs and lead study support teams in addition to mentoring and career coaching, officials noted.

For more information on Lake Erie College’s Choose Ohio First program, contact Jonathan Tedesco at

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