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An app is better for production payroll and accounting. GreenSlate’s launch work offers many features that competitor’s solutions cannot offer.

GreenSlate’s simple user interface is designed to collect data with unprecedented accuracy. In addition, our all-in-one app guarantees that data only needs to be entered once.”

— Quentin Frimand, GreenSlate Product Manager

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2022 / — The paperwork involved in hiring employees can be a major problem for the film and television industry. GreenSlate helps streamline employee data management from green light to post-production.

With GreenSlate’s all-in-one platform, digital approval workflows, and customizable notifications, it’s easier than ever to onboard production workers. Designed for cast and crew to be intuitive and reduce data entry, it’s intelligent…it helps admins shut down I-9s and manage loans without having to go back and repeat tedious forms when information changes to change.

“Production professionals know that deals are often submitted with errors and that information can be re-entered incorrectly, especially under tight deadlines. GreenSlate’s simple user interface is designed to collect data with unprecedented accuracy. Additionally, our all-in-one app guarantees that data only needs to be entered once and eliminates critical security issues posed by large data exports from work start to stamp card apps. While the app is easy to use, powerful approval flows control the flow of information so remote workers can work faster than with paper under the same roof,” said Quentin Frisman, GreenSlate product manager

GreenSlate is the industry’s only all-in-one manufacturing payroll and accounting app. There are no separate apps that need to be “integrated” to feel connected. It is a single database platform built with one code base. GreenSlate start work offers many features that competing products cannot offer.

See how GreenSlate’s launch work compares to the competition.

– Get your crew on board in minutes, even before they arrive on set. Once you have employee email addresses, you can invite employees, allowing them to get set up early and answer questions in advance.

– Eliminate incomplete form submissions, readability issues, and the possibility of lost notes and paperwork. Crew can securely enter and automatically fill out information on multiple forms.

– Capture all the information you need in one place. In addition to the I-9, W-4, and the start-up form, do you have any other forms that the employee must submit? GreenSlate can set them up to be filled out digitally.

– Work the way you need to with customizable approval flows. The approval process can be adjusted at any time. If you find that your approval flow has too many or too few steps, needs additional approvers, or approvers need to be removed, your approval flow can always be adjusted in minutes. If someone in production only wants to approve transactions above a certain dollar amount, conditional approval flow steps can also be added so the user doesn’t have to approve all transactions.

– Customize your views to organize your data the way you want, then easily export the data to Excel or a PDF. Combine this flexibility with time-saving batch action features that allow you to approve, reject, view, or delete as many rows as needed with one click, and your tasks will be completed in record time.

– Improvement of workflow visibility. Easily see where a document is in the approval process and see who still needs to take action on pending documents. Users can view approval workflow steps, roles, and users who have access to each document in a project in the approval workflow steps grid.

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