As infrastructure begins to expand, Wisconsin needs to invest in its workforce – Natural Self Esteem

I grew up in Milwaukee County and chose to raise my family here. When I graduated from Wauwatosa West High School, it was taken for granted that most students would graduate with a four-year degree. My friend “wasted” time at a local four-year college before realizing carpentry was his calling. He now runs his own local homebuilder – and he makes more than a lot of graduates I know.

I have kids in Milwaukee County schools now, and like most kids in schools today, they too are taken to four-year colleges, even if it’s not a good fit for the students, their abilities, or their passions. As President of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers based in Milwaukee, I can attest to the bright future that a career in crafts can offer, and I hope that more families and students will start considering crafts as an important career path for their future and the future our country.

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