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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy says that the 5-7-9% loan program for entrepreneurs will be extended. During wartime the rate is 0%.

This emerges from Zelenskyy’s video address to the nation, reports an Ukrinform correspondent.

The 22nd day of our struggle, our defense against one of the largest armies in the world is over. Which we make smaller every day. Every day. But it still has numbers, equipment and reserves.

We have information that the Russian military is recruiting mercenaries from other countries to induce as many young people as possible into military service.

We know that won’t help you.

That is why I am now warning everyone who will try to join the occupiers on our Ukrainian lands. This will be the worst decision of your life.

A long life is better than the money you are offered for a short one.

Our brave defenders continue to hold all key areas the enemy is pressing. And react to every attack. At every blow of the occupiers against our peaceful cities, against our people. New Russian conscripts were captured.

Among them are those who refuse to return to Russia. And there are many that are not even mentioned in Russia. They don’t even try to take them back.

Their obituaries have been sent to their families, although they are in captivity and alive.

All Russians who can hear me now are talking about it. Tell it in Russia.

Any mother who knows her son was sent to war against Ukraine needs to see where her son is. And especially those who cannot contact their children who have been told their children were killed. And who has not received the bodies? There are phone numbers on the internet that you can call and find out what is really happening to your children.

We didn’t intend to take thousands of prisoners. We don’t need 13 or any thousand dead Russian soldiers. We don’t need it. We didn’t want this war. We only want peace. And we want you to love your children more than you fear your authorities.

I spoke to the German Bundestag today. One of the most influential countries in the world. In Europe. One of the natural leaders of the European continent.

I spoke not only as President, but as a citizen of Ukraine. As a European. As someone who has had the feeling for many years that the German state seems to have separated itself from us with a wall. Invisible but solid wall.

We have seen Germany struggle for economy for decades. For new Russian gas pipelines and old European dreams. Dreams of a kind of cooperation that Russia has long stopped taking seriously.

We see that the views of the Germans are changing. And that’s very important. We see that Germany is looking for a new way. We see how sincerely the majority of Germans are in favor of a revision of the old policy.

We see that Chancellor Olaf Scholz has a great opportunity, a great mission – to give Germany new leadership. Give peace to Europe. Long-lasting and above all fair. One that guarantees all states in Europe and Ukraine security at all. And I sincerely wish Chancellor Scholz, all Ukrainians and all Europeans that Germany and its partners will succeed in fulfilling this mission.

I will continue such speeches in the parliaments and squares of partner countries. Necessary. As much as needed to end the war. To restore our territorial integrity. To return the long-awaited peace to all of us, Ukrainians and all Europeans.

I have the feeling that we are increasingly understood. In Europe, in the world, in different countries. And it supports us more and more. The one we’ve been asking for for so long.

I spoke to French President Macron. We are strengthening the defense of Ukraine. We coordinated our common steps towards peace. I am grateful for that.

I am also grateful to President Biden for his renewed and effective support for our country. Please understand: I cannot give you all the details about this and other support packages. Because that’s our tactic. our defence. When the enemy doesn’t know what to expect from us. Just like they didn’t know what to expect after February 24th. They didn’t know what we had for defense and how we were preparing to attack.

The occupiers thought they were going to Ukraine in 2014-2015, which they had seen before. Who constantly corrupted them and were not afraid of. But we are different.

And with that we can defend ourselves against a full strike for 22 days. Everything we’ve done in a few years. For our defense. For our tactics. For defensive tactics, not the time to reveal them as the war goes on.

It is not time to reveal our negotiating tactics as well. Negotiations for peace, sovereignty, territorial integrity of our state, our freedom. Work more quietly than on TV, radio or Facebook. I think thats right.

Today I visited the wonderful Vlasenko family from Vorzel, Kyiv region in the hospital.

While fleeing, they came under Russian fire. The eldest daughter, Katya, who is only 16 years old, tucked in her brother Ihor, who is 8 years old. The brother got out of the car and cursed the occupiers. Tetiana, mother, received shrapnel wounds. The father carried his daughter in his arms.

Thank god they all survived. Because they stayed together as a family and defended each other. I was really moved to speak to them. Probably most in this war. I sincerely wish this family, the Vlasenko family, health and happiness. Like all other families. I wish you peace and work for it.

Also today I awarded five employees of the state rescue service with the Order of Bravery. Everyone is a hero. All were awarded for selfless deeds, for devotion with which they save us all, save Ukrainians.

And some more news, very important and of course positive. About our economy. About bringing our country back to life. Especially now that security allows. Wherever business can take place.

Our government has already prepared a decision to expand the credit program for entrepreneurs on the basis of the “5-7-9%” program, which will create a new opportunity. Any company can get a 0% loan. For the period of martial law plus 1 month after the end of the war.

Then there is a minimum rate of 5%. And the total loan amount can be up to 60 million hryvnia. So that a wider range of companies can benefit from our program.

The second piece of news is that tomorrow the Cabinet of Ministers will vote for a large reduction in regulations.

There were more than 600 permits and licenses for businesses, and about 20 are still mandatory. Only those that simply cannot be revoked. For example, the disposal of radioactive waste.

So, for the vast majority of companies in Ukraine, the declarative principle works: they announced the start of business activity and work freely.

And the third news affecting millions of Ukrainians. This is a special task for the National Bank of Ukraine, people’s deputies and our government officials.

I commissioned to find such a legal possibility for the state to guarantee 100% of deposits in Ukrainian banks. 100%. Not part, like now, like always, but 100%.

The whole deposit. In every bank in our state. So that people do not lose money and are not afraid of it.

So I’m waiting for something concrete. draft decision. And I hope that the Verkhovna Rada will not delay the support.

Because Ukrainians need it. Ukraine needs this.

And finally.

Our Mariupol, our Kharkiv, our Chernihiv, the Kyiv region, Izyum and all our hero cities. who are in a very difficult situation. Extremely difficult.

we do everything We all. Absolutely.

Our army, police, SES, humanitarian convoys, church… All our people.

We won’t leave you. And we will not forgive them.

you will be free Certainly. I know it. Like all of us on our land.

Glory to all our heroes!

Glory to Ukraine!

Photo from the Office of the President of Ukraine

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